favorite character meme: [1/2] quotes » 1.02 The Night of the Comet

What is with the blockage? Just jump his bones already.

You want what everybody wants.

Anonymous: Because you are my Kimmiecakes and everything you do makes me so happy. I adore you so why wouldn't I follow you? But you're also pretty good at making Elena not suck.
Anonymously tell me why you follow me.

       Come on now, we all have different views & opinions on 
  Elena but I’m glad you think my version is somehow not suckish. 
           sfsdflokiuhygtf I make you happy? That’s so sweet. 

eternalviking: Fuck anonymous I'm too metal for that. You're wonderful. Our muses are fuck ups and can't be in a room together without someone dying but you are a joy. A pure joy.
Anonymously tell me why you follow me.

                 That’s the most sweetest compliment ever
I decided to ignore the fuck up part
                         even though we all know it’s true. 


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