personal life isn’t the greatest right now &
             stressing about replies and Tumblr isn’t going
             to help. I have some wonderful roleplay partners
             who I hope will understand the lack of activity.
             I love you, cupcakes.




If we roleplay:

1. Don’t apologize for being late/slow with replies.

2. Take all of the time you need. Days, weeks, months, doesn’t matter. Don’t put yourself under stress because of such pointless things.

3. Your personal life out of character along with your health are the most important. If you drop a thread/conversation/whatever, it’s alright. Just stay safe and take care.


                           dude pls. i was gonna do this like a long time ago but i
                           reached the big milestone i am sitting here like what
                           do you guys do here??? & i wanted to thank you all for
                           sticking with me for these almost 4 months. i suck at
                           making giveaways because i am too lazy & i hate doing
                           this speech because it makes me feelsy ok. so like you
                           don’t even understand. so thanks you guys for being here
                           since my first blog &this one, i love you !!

                                Q U E E N ’ S  C O U R T .

                           you people were here with me since forever you are all
                           my family here. there are no words to describe my thanks
                           my love for you. you make my days here worth it.
                           in no order all my slaves.

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                                  Q U E E N ’ S  L O V E R S .

                            you guys are perfect little pumpkins even we don’t
                            talk daily or interact, i am still glad that i see you on
                            my dash ok.

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