I’m about to reach a really huge milestone, and I have no idea how that even happened. I know I just posted a Follow Forever not too long ago, but since I bumped into many amazing people, while others deleted, I wanted to do this again.

Special Mention

These are the people I’m either super close to, or who I have multiple threads with and who generally make my tumblr experience super special. There’s no real distinction between Cupcakes and Muffins. Both are super delicious and yummy.


leaderxfthepack (bff aka special cupcake with extra icing) . neverwholelahey (sunshine of my life). alfaverdadero . mylifexfortheirs . theimmunebanshee . triskelion-king . theblackwxlf  . derekxxhale . edgessoften . risenprotector . ikindafeltdrawnhere


feelingmxrtal . blueeyedregrets . xhmygod . your-throat-my-teeth . notatotalpsychox . howlinginhale . thebansheeofthepack . adellaholmes . haleonxearth


Aka people I rp with and who Stiles adores

Teen Wolf

asoulvirtuousandtrue . radioactivederekmistersourwolftoyou . slippingintoacomaboredmccallofthewild . dontmccallmeahero . humanonthefield . solusxlunam . ievxlved . coyotexlaughs . ididthereading . miserens . shecalledmeariel . fxxtballsajokeiraetlunam


gladiumangeli . carryonthefamilybusiness . astrifer-ous

Pretty Little Liars

tinyxslip . hannamxrins

People I stalk

lycanstark . notmyjeepyoucreep . sarcasmandbatsaremyonlydefense . oceanofmuses . xaudiens . aerodynamiccheekbones . coyotecupcake . imethanandtheresadifference . highlighterthief . elenaishuman . heartofatruealpha . thvnderfox . thenscreamlydia . shewolfism . allxson  . icametoplaylacrosse . iremembertwistingit . atlanteus . triplicispiralem . paintmybodyxargent . showmewhattodo . dear-indies . callofthemccall



Damon laughed dryly, rolling his eyes dismissively.
“I think I need to shut you up. Don’t you think so too, cara?”


              ”Look who’s a member of the party police——you are!””
      She prodded his nose with a finger, an affectionate gesture nonetheless. 
                                   ”Where’s your badge, pouty?”


Return Starter // His Girls


"Ah yes there’s my beautiful girl. Now I know I have been gone but please come to me darling." Jason smiled sweetly to his love, his hand extended offering it for her taking. It had been a few weeks since Jason had been around, it wasn’t like he wanted to leave but his family came above most but returning to her was the most important thing of all.


   For a few moments the young brunette found herself quite literally staring, her brow furrowed and eyes scanning the person in question until pushing aside the possibility of a daydream. Once realizing it wasn’t, her lips sprung into a wide smile. Elena lurched forward as her own were quick to fling around, ignoring Jason’s hand in favour for a tight, almost tip-over worthy embrace. “So much for letting me know when you were coming back.” Still, Elena didn’t loosen the hug and had no intentions of letting go any time soon. “Not that I’m complaining. I’m glad you’re back. How’d it go?”



                   ❝Come on Elena we can’t stay here long,
            just leave Stefan’s hair gel he was probably joking.

                                           ❝Probably joking? 
               I don’t think you’re ready to deal with a hair gel-less Stefan.
                   Pinky promise me you’ll deal with him and I’ll move.❞

"I can handle the truth, Stefan. As crazy as it is, I can handle the fact that you’re a vampire, and you have a vampire brother, and that my best friend is a witch. I can accept the fact that the world is a much more mysterious place than I ever thought possible." (season one)

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